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Evening Light Farms is located in Deer Park, WA and is home to a quickly qrowing lavender farm. Check out their story: Evening Light Lavender

  Hello Everyone, I’ve added a gallery of banner samples to the website page of my gallery. Click the sample below to see more! Josh  

Hello Everyone, I’ve added a new gallery to my site which showcases poster designs. Stop by to see: Poster Gallery

A week after the June 1st flood that caused significant damage at Evening Light Farms in Deer Park, WA, the staff has worked diligently on the repair effort. Lavender is […]

New Client Story – Vern Page

Vern Page specializes in emergency home preparedness. He asked me to help with the redesign of his business card and I was happy to do so. To see the final […]

New Client Story – Floyd Syre’s In the Face of Fear

Floyd Syre is a US Army Veteran who wrote a story about life as a Soldier. He asked me to help with the cover design of his book and I […]

New Page Added to Site – Client Stories

Hello Everyone, I’ve added a new page to my site that showcases clients, their brand, and their products. I will add a new story each day this week: http://www.joshuabealportfolio.com/?page_id=196

Videos added to Gallery!

Hello Everyone, I’ve added a new page to my site that showcases videography. Come check it out! http://www.joshuabealportfolio.com/?page_id=158 – Josh

Flood at Evening Light Farms – June 1, 2015

Hello Everyone, The storm that came through the Spokane area earlier in the week (June 1, 2015) was rough. A flood developed at Evening Light Farms that caused some heavy […]